Carlo's Story

Carlo* was very young when he came to Sunkissed Acres, and very small for his age. He was shy, and a child who we would all consider likely to fall through the cracks through no fault of his own. He is one 8 children who with his 6 siblings were placed into the foster care system and different homes when their infant sibling died without cause.

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Sunkissed Acres to Host Low Cost Gelding Clinic

Sunkissed Acres Equine Rescue and Retirement will be hosting a low cost gelding and wellness clinic on Saturday November 18th, 2017.

The fee for gelding is $35 and includes a tetanus shot. Routine Veterinary services, and quality of life assessments will be offered to those with demonstrated financial need. All services are by appointment only, and must be scheduled prior to November 17th. Appointments will be offered until filled, so please reserve your time early.

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State of Georgia Ranks 11th in the Nation with Most At-Risk Youth

The growth in numbers of at-risk youth is troubling, especially since state budgets for programs to address the many facets that lead to the cause have been shrinking as fast as the numbers have grown. In the decades prior, the military was option and often provided the structure, discipline and family-like bonds that could be so valuable to help change these young lives for the better, that option, however, is dwindling:

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