Sunkissed Acres Equine Rescue

Nestled in the hills of northern Georgia is a very special place where souls broken by man can come to rest, rehabilitate, and if needed, retire in a safe sanctuary.


Now in our 25th year, we continue our mission to help the abused, neglected and abandoned horses of Georgia find their last, best, home.

Since our official beginning in 2004, hundreds of horses have been rescued, rehabilitated, rehomed, and if their pain is too much to bear... a humane and peaceful passing becomes our mission. The horses teach us so many valuable lessons from life skills to kindness, and they have become an integral part of our work with the more than 50 foster children with special needs who called the farm home since 2006.

Stories of Hope


Hundreds of horses have come to the farm, most have endured unspeakable cruelty and neglect. They come to us unable to stand, unable to trust, and they are given careful attention and veterinary care, a soft place to land.

Others are victims of the economy, and others loss of interest. Many others still,are horses that are loved and cared for, but their owners have fallen on hard times. These horses will remain in their homes with the families who love them. Sunkissed Acres assists these horses by providing grain, hay and any veterinary care needed until the owner is back on their feet.

No matter how they come to us, they will know kindness, respect, and care. They will be loved.


Giving horses a new beginning…

Our goal is to match the horse with the home best able to meet their needs, in the least stressful way possible for the recovering horse.


More than 30 horses will call Sunkissed Acres home on any given day. Their reasons for coming here are different, but most will remain here for the rest of their days due to limitations in their abilities or the specialized care they need. This means that very few will be adoptable, unless a very special home can be found.


The cost for caring for a senior horse with special needs can be an average of $3500-$6000+ per year, just for their basic health needs, so few homes are able to support them.

When a horse becomes eligible for adoption or foster placement, we work to find the best possible placement. Many factors are considered including age, experience, income, stabling, transportation and more.

Our goal is to match the horse with the home best able to meet their needs, in the least stressful way possible for the recovering horse. When a horse reaches a point where it would be beneficial for them to begin their new life in a permanent home, we will make a listing on our very active Facebook page so we can best use the power of social networking to find the best possible outcome.

Adoption fees vary, and preference is given to past adopters and established programs that partner horses and humans together for learning, and physical and mental wellness.


Horses and children, each healing in peace, flourishing with love and respect…


Helping Foster Children with Special Needs


Horses and children are a combination that can be magical and miraculous. Our logo holds special meaning to us because it so perfectly illustrates that bond, and it's something we experience.

Since 2006 Sunkissed Acres has been a place of safety, and a loving foster home for Georgia’s children in need, most who will have a physical, psychological or intellectual special need. Eleven children have found long term refuge here, and more than 40 others who needed a temporary place to call home have been given a safe and loving environment in which to heal.

Not only are they given shelter, and the stability of a loving home, each day they learn vital life skills as they connect with the horses, dogs, cats, chickens and ducks in residence. As they help with basic chores around the farm, they learn the importance and responsibility of caring for something and someone. But most of all, they learn empathy and respect through their interactions with the horses, and the way the horses respond to their honesty, their fears, their hopes and their dreams.

The children will eventually move on, but our founder, Lori Rosser Yonts, remains a constant source of guidance and safety for them throughout their lives, and Sunkissed Acres always remains a place of refuge for them...a home. You can learn more about our work in equine assisted learning by clicking here

Outreach Programs

Sunkissed Acres has established many programs that benefit horses during the stages of recovery and rehabilitation, and many go on to have careers in therapeutic settings or as beloved companions with new owners. Two programs in particular, Day Lily Horse Farm in GA and The Center for Equine Assisted Wellness in NY have adopted several horses from Sunkissed Acres for their programs with youth and those with special needs. Day Lily Horse Farm rehabilitates and retrains the horses that have promise to go on to homes as riding companions, and uses others that are in sound physical and emotional health, but are difficult to place due to age or expense in upkeep, in their programs for youth. The Center for Equine Assisted Wellness pairs the horses that have physical or emotional health needs with individuals children and adults who have special needs of their own.

But the most important work that happens remains right on the farm, with the children of GA who need a place to call home.



How you can help us to do this live saving, and life changing work…

Without your help, none of this is possible, and the need is greater than ever.

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