Carlo's Story


Carlo* was very young when he came to Sunkissed Acres, and very small for his age. He was shy, and a child who we would all consider likely to fall through the cracks through no fault of his own. He is one 8 children who with his 6 siblings were placed into the foster care system and different homes when their infant sibling died without cause.

Imagine being taken from your home, taken from your family of sisters and brothers, after losing your new baby brother or sister too. Imagine wondering if you would ever see them again? Imagine how frightening and devastating that must feel to a little boy with special needs. 

Being small and fearful, Carlo took refuge in the barn. As any horse lover can tell you, there is no place more welcoming to be when it feels like your world will never be the same. The horses have such an easy way of helping us through our darkest moments with their gentle muzzled kisses, soft breath, and big shoulders.

One horse was very special to Carlo, and that was Lady. Lady was small like him, and shy, and preferred to be my herself. Carlo and Lady immediately became fast friends, and Carlo took such pride in caring for her. He adored feeding her, and made sure her meals were made with as much love as little hands and hearts can give.

After the investigation concluded, Carlo was reunited with his brothers and sisters and his parents at home. He still returns with his family to check on his special friend and the rest of the horses.

Children like Carlo in the foster care system share a similar story as many of the horses here at Sunkissed Acres. They are often separated from the people they have loved their entire lifetime, placed in a strange place, and not always a good one. The gentle hand of a friend is so welcome and such a kindness to these creatures as they navigate through difficult times. We are so grateful that Carlo and Lady found each other!

The interactions with the horses that Carlo experienced were made possible by the support of donors like you. This is holistic environment of healing and new beginnings for horses also contributes to the healing and new beginnings of the children. Each is so important to the other and we hope we can count on you to help us continue to make these life changing connections in 2018.

Thank you for reading Carlo's story today, we will have another story for you tomorrow the 28th,  #GivingTuesday #GAGives day!


*The names, photos and personally identifying information for the children featured in our stores has been changed to protect their privacy as minors while in the custodial care of the State Of Georgia's foster care system.