Our Horses

Available For Adoption

adoptionimageUno – intake photo May 2014

Due to the condition most horses are in upon arrival at Sunkissed Acres, they will receive countless hours in training, rehabilitation and often extensive veterinary care. This is in addition to the normal care a horse requires such as housing and feeding.

We do not list horses for adoption until they can safely be placed. This can change from moment to moment…day to day. Horses with exceptional personalities are often placed in lesson or equine therapy programs like Day Lily Horse Farm or  the Epona Farm Sanctuary Foundation programs.  We also have wonderful riding horses from time to time that will be listed here for adoption to qualified homes.

However, the majority of horses that come to this rescue have endured horrendous abuse and due to permanent injuries, health issues and/or advanced age they are available as companion horses only.  It doesn’t make them any less wonderful, but they will need some extra time each day, or additional veterinary care and they are often unsound for riding. They will be available for adoption to homes that understand their needs and can provide for their care. Unfortunately, these are horses that most potential adopters will pass over. We find this sad, because these horses are, most often, the very best horses one could ask for.

A minimum donation of $300 is suggested when considering adopting a friend from Sunkissed Acres. Please contact us right away if you are interested in adoption or sponsorship as we always have several wonderful horses awaiting forever homes. Horses may also be listed on our courtesy listings page, meaning that Sunkissed is helping the owners rehome their horses before coming into the rescue.

As the needs of the rescued horses in our care change daily, please contact the rescue directly for currently available horses.

Courtesy Listings

Horses listed through Courtesy Listings are not owned by Sunkissed Acres Rescue and Retirement, Inc. nor are they located at the rescue. They are being listed as a courtesy to help horses in need of new homes reach a larger audience of potential adopters.

Photos and descriptions are provided by the owner and Sunkissed Acres does not guarantee the accuracy of these listings, and potential adopters of these horses are advised to take the same reasonable precautions they would when buying any horse included a pre-purchase exam by a veterinarian.

Times are hard all over the country, no one is immune from hardship such as illness, injury or job loss. By helping distressed owners place their horses directly, we are keeping spots open for those horses who are abused and/or abandoned and need to be placed in the care of  Sunkissed Acres.

Please contact the rescue for more information, or visit our Facebook page, as these listings are shared there first and horses are often adopted very quickly.

Our Residents

ourresidentsimageMost of our sanctuary residents have come from circumstances that no horse should have ever been able to survive and have lasting scars. We feel it is important to offer them permanent sanctuary. Some are very aged, others are not sound for riding and therefore difficult to home. Others, like our beloved and now departed Miracle, come here to recover while they await their trip to a forever home.

While we call these wonderful residents “permanent”, should a mutually beneficial situation arise that would be good for the horse…they would be made available for adoption to that home. These horses are placed with specific contracts that protect them from falling into harms way.

How To Help

If you are interested in adopting a friend from Sunkissed Acres, or would like to send a donation for their care while they are here at Sunkissed Acres, you can donate via Paypal or by sending a donation in the mail. Every dollar helps us continue our mission to end the suffering of horses in need and to place them into loving homes or provide them sanctuary for the rest of their days.